How To Store CBD Gummies To Make Them Last Longer?

Generally, holistic experts and health professionals always advise that you take your CBD while it’s fresh and healthy. Like many other supplements, CBD gummies degenerate and become stale over time. Continue reading to learn more about the shelf life of CBD gummies Australia and how to properly store your package to make it last.  

Do CBD Gummies Expire?  

If you look closely at the pack of gummies, you’ll notice a “best before” date on the label that lets you know when the product will expire. CBD gummies, oils, tinctures, and other edibles come with different product expiry dates. Most CBD oils come with a shelf life of 1-2 years, after which the product loses potency.  

CBD Gummies are best taken within 6-9 months because the CBD may start to break down after this period. In addition, the flavor of the CBD will start to change after expiring, which can affect the gummies’ taste. If you also notice that your gummies are dried up, and hard, your gummies may have expired.  

What Will Impact The Shelf Life Of Your CBD Gummies?  

CBD Gummies, like other types of CBD products, can degrade after a few years, so you cannot expect your CBD gummies to last forever. Some CBD experts also suggest that the CBD is most effective within the first 6 to 9 months of production. However, CBD gummies are not cheap, so you may not want to run through your product.  

Several factors can extend the lifespan of your CBD gummies, such as the storage conditions and the other ingredients in the product. You can also consider other factors like when/where you got your gummies and how often you eat your CBD gummies. Keeping these in mind will help you maintain your CBD gummies.  

What Happens When You Eat Expired CBD Gummies?  

Stale CBD gummies may have a foul, unpleasant taste and smell. Expire CBD gummies are also hard and can be almost impossible to chew. With expired CBD gummies, you will not feel any therapeutic effects from the CBD since the compound has lost its potency. Additionally, eating expired CBD gummies is not safe and can cause sickness.  

First, the alternative ingredients in the CBD may release toxins from degradation, which can cause stomach aches or ulcers. Eating expired food can also cause vomiting and food poisoning. Therefore, you should avoid eating stale CBD gummies and visit the doctor immediately after you eat an expired CBD product.  

How To Store Correctly Your CBD Gummies?  

It’s important to carefully store your gummies to extend the product’s shelf life. The main ingredients in CBD gummies include CBD, water, sugar, gelatin, and flavorings, and too much exposure to air can cause your gummies to go hard. Therefore, you need to secure your CBD gummies in an airtight container.  

In addition, you can keep your gummies in a location with low humidity and moisture. Moisture in food can encourage bacteria, mildew, and other contaminants. We also recommend keeping your CBD gummies from direct sunlight. This is because too much heat speeds up the evaporation process and causes the CBD to degrade.  

Overall, the best storage for your CBD gummies is in a controlled environment like the refrigerator. The cool temperature with low humidity and sunlight can help keep your gummies fresh and yummy. You can leave a spot in your pantry or cupboard to safely keep your CBD gummies. 

Final Thoughts  

CBD Gummies have an expiration date as the product can degrade and break down over time. Still, you extend the shelf life of your gummies by ensuring optimal conditions. It’s also important to check with the vendor to ensure you’re buying fresh CBD gummies. You can also follow the label guide to store your CBD gummies.  

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