How to get a prescription for CBD in Australia? 

Accessing medical cannabis in Australia has been made easier throughout the years. Still, many people don’t know how to safely and legally access CBD in the country. 

The Special Access Scheme allows medical practitioners to prescribe medications or other therapeutic goods that are yet to be included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. This is the case with CBD and other medical cannabis products. 

This guide will explain the pathways through which you can receive a prescription for CBD in Australia and let you know which steps you should take. 

The three different ways you can get a prescription for CBD 

Although most people believe there is only one way to purchase CBD in the country. In fact, there are three options you can choose from depending on where you live and the doctors in your region.  

If you’re interested in using CBD or medical cannabis in Australia, you can obtain a prescription by: 

  • Consulting a doctor, specialist, or nurse that is authorised to prescribe CBD 
  • Requesting the help from an Authorised Prescriber  
  • Joining clinical trials 

The most common way to get a prescription is by consulting a doctor, who will apply for you to receive a prescription for medical cannabis. 

How does the doctor prescribe CBD? 

The doctor can apply via an online portal in which they will share some information about you and your needs with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). 

The information requested by the TGA is as follows: 

  • A diagnosis of your health and the selection of the CBD product that is better indicated 
  • A clinical justification for why this is the right product for your situation 
  • Data justifying the safety and efficiency of the CBD product 
  • Explanation on how you’ll be monitored for side effects 
How to get a prescription for CBD in Australia? 1

How long does it take to receive a prescription for CBD? 

Although the timeframes may vary, many patients have successfully applied for a medical cannabis prescription and received the products within a couple of days. 

Usually, once the application is submitted, there is a 72h hour period during which it is reviewed. Once the application is approved, the pharmacy will order the medication, and it should be available for pick-up within 72 hours.  

How much does CBD cost in Australia? 

You should know that the government doesn’t subsidise medicinal cannabis products, including CBD. Due to this, the cost of the product will fall on your responsibility. 

The price for CBD products may vary depending on the formula, potency, brand, and additional ingredients. The cost may range between $150 and over $3,000 per month. 

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