Chemist Warehouse And Cannatrek Signed A Partnership To Sale CBD Oil In Australian Pharmacies  

Low-dose CBD products are legal in Australia to treat certain health conditions. It is also classified as a pharmacist-only substance and can be bought over the counter. Recently, two high-profile companies signed a deal to sell CBD oil in pharmacies in Australia. Keep reading to learn what this means for consumers.  

A Deal To Sale CBD Oil In The Largest Pharmacy Chain In Australia  

In early 2021, Chemist Warehouse, Australia’s largest pharmacy food chain, signed an exclusive supply deal with Cannatrek, a cannabis company. Thanks to this agreement, Chemist Warehouse will be able to supply low-dose cannabidiol in its pharmacies across Australia. Hence, consumers may choose to buy CBD oil from Chemist Warehouse pharmacies.  

In addition, this deal means that Cannatrek will supply Chemist Warehouse with new CBD products such as oils, tinctures, capsules, and others. It will help to satisfy the mass demand for CBD Oil in Australia and supply new CBD products to the general public. With this deal, the pharmacy hopes to supply consumers with the best prices.  

Meanwhile, Chemist Warehouse has already placed Cannatrek’s THC products in its stores. Due to the 2021 TGA regulation, you won’t need a doctor’s prescription to purchase Cannatrek’s CBD products in Australia. Additionally, these CBD products will be grouped under one of the Chemist Warehouse brands.  

What Do We Know About Chemist Warehouse’s CBD Oil?  

Recently, Cannatrek entered a deal with Chemist Warehouse to exclusively supply new CBD products to its pharmacies in Australia. Currently, Chemist Warehouse doesn’t dispense any CBD products, so this is a promising development. The deal also means that the masses may be able to find a variety of CBD products in local pharmacies.  

Cannatrek was founded in 2015, and the brand’s cannabis products are legally farmed in Queensland, Australia. It seeks to provide highly therapeutic CBD products to help consumers manage various health conditions. The brand also plans to place tablets in Chemical Warehouse chains where consumers can inquire about their eligibility for medicinal cannabis.  

Additionally, Cannatrek supplies high-quality medicinal cannabis products regulated for human consumption. Although, you may need a doctor’s prescription since medicinal cannabis is not sold to everyone. Also, Cannatrek CBD oil is non-psychoactive and only works to offer healing or therapeutic properties for a wide range of health issues.  

Yes, It Is Possible To Buy CBD Over The Counter In Australian Pharmacies  

Under Australian regulations, consumers can buy certain low-grade CBD products over the counter in pharmacies. The TGA made provision for pharmacist-only CBD products which can be used for different health conditions. However, due to the strict CBD regulations, there are quite a few medicinal CBD shops in Australia.  

Ultimately, any CBD product in the pharmacy must meet the TGA’s efficacy and quality standards. There are also legal, professional and regulatory obligations placed on the chemists to ensure that the product is safe for consumption. You can also look at a third-party lab report to see that the product is legit.  


Compared to the US and UK, Australia has stricter regulations preventing many pharmacies from supplying CBD products. This exclusive deal means more medicinal CBD products will be accessible to the general public. Overall, it shows promise that CBD products can effectively manage specific conditions. However, it may take a while for CBD oil to be openly accessible across the country.  

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